The 8 elements of Feng Shui

The 8 elements of Feng Shui

One of the 8 elements of Feng Shui for designing a web site When I first sketch out a web page design I am using shapes and imagining the colours that we will be using to tell the story on the page. Shapes and colours are the maps that your visitors follow to get to the content that they need to complete their journey. Shapes can be used to convey meaning and the art of Feng Shui attributes shapes to the base elements of earth, fire, metal, wood and water. By using shapes in particular orders you can build a flow through the elements that tells your story and leads the visitor to take the action.


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  1. Doug Reply

    Hello, I stumbled across your site. I am a fledgling wordpress developer in the SF Bay Area and have struggled with the design side of things. Suddenly, I had the thought of using feng shui to help design sites and just did a search. Here you are. I wondered if you have come up with templates that you market. I have studied basic feng shui over the years. I will have a look around. Thanks.

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