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Using special fonts in Web design regarding the Feng Shui principle

I think that for screens fonts that are smooth work much better than those that are jagged. That means using “sans-serif” fonts for all text on your webpage. You should choose a font family that reflects your brand image and allows your text content to stand out on the page
Some companies have style guides that govern which font families are used under which circumstances. If your company does not have such a guide then you have an opportunity to define how your text content is going to appear. You should take time over this as you will be using it for some time.
The font family that you choose will determine how your visitors view and appreciate your website and so it must enable the content to flow naturally throughout the website. Applying the art of Feng Shui to choosing your font family can help to make the flow work more naturally.
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E-Commerce-development is in my blood!

Over the last 10 years I have developed a wide variety of affordable, robust and intuitively designed sites using Magento, WordPress and other platforms.

I know how important it is for Luxembourg Businesses and of course for all other countries, to be able to present, manage, and sell their products securely. My Keysolution offers your company the ability to accept credit card orders in real time, without any complexity or cost usually associated with Luxembourg- E-Commerce.

If you are ready to start selling online then get the absolute best ecommerce platform around coupled with my 10 years ecommerce development experience.

Then take the opportunity of the great offer:

· Ecommerce Website Design

· Secure Shopping Cart

· Product Catalogue

· Product Layout Flexibility

· Payment Gateway

· Search Engine Optimization

· Email Accounts

· Marketing Tools

· Reporting

· Mobile-optimized

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Feng Shui & creative Web Design

Creating hashtag#website hashtag#designs is not easy, despite what some people say. You can design creative websites with the help of hashtag#FengShui to guide you. The 8 laws of Feng Shui help you to have the right colour and element combinations on every part of your design. From directing visitors to your product listings to guiding them through the checkout process. Using the right images and colours puts people at ease with your design.

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