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A Picture is worth thousand words

A Picture is worth a thousand words Is often used to say that you can tell a story with one picture instead of writing a lot of words. Pictures can act alone or as part of the over image that you want to send to your web page visitors. Pictures are amongst the first things that your web page visitors see and respond to. Pictures provide an emotional stimulus to your content and so are very important in helping your visitors to understand and follow the flow of your story. In designing the page layout pictures should be placed to enhance the flow of the story to the point where they form a natural part of the page. The art of Feng Shui provides a framework of “Chi”, or flow, that helps you to get your design working to best effect. You will find more information about “a picture is worth a thousand words” at:

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A must for your business website

Your business website must be designed for success in any given circumstance and the best way to do that is to apply the art of Feng Shui. Using the compass directions determines how your web pages are not only laid out but also the colours that you use to increase the conversions and so grow your business.
My article, How the Art of Feng Shui can work for you, goes into some detail about applying the compass colours and elements to your web pages.

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How the Feng Shui Compass works

The Feng Shui compass is what holds everything together and directs how you design your business website. Each compass direction has colours and elements associated with it and putting these together is an art form that can drive your business to success.
My article, How the Art of Feng Shui can work for, explains the compass points in more detail.

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A little knowledge about Feng Shui –

A little known fact about Feng Shui is its link to the Chinese year and the impact that the characteristics of the animal have on the elements and outcomes of Feng Shui. In this year of the Rat the traits include optimism, energy and sensitivity among many others. If any year of the Rat relate to you, particularly this year, then it could bring you a lot of positive energy through Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui & creative Web Design

Creating hashtag#website hashtag#designs is not easy, despite what some people say. You can design creative websites with the help of hashtag#FengShui to guide you. The 8 laws of Feng Shui help you to have the right colour and element combinations on every part of your design. From directing visitors to your product listings to guiding them through the checkout process. Using the right images and colours puts people at ease with your design.

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Are you the creative type?

Are you the creative type? If you are not then you need to find inspiration when you are thinking of designing your new hashtag#website. Finding the right colour combinations and pictures can be very tricky if you cannot find what you are looking for. You may be able to find somebody who can be creative for you but you still need to let them know what like and don’t like when it comes to website hashtag#design. This is where Feng Shui comes in to help you. Not only does hashtag#FengShui have laws to follow but also colour combinations and elements to group your ideas.

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