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The content of the web site needs to be stimulated

Visitors to your website need to be stimulated by the content and excited by the prospect of finding out more about what you have to offer them. It is the colours that you use in your designs that will do this. The art of Feng Shui provides you with a range of colours to use depending on the mood that you want to create or feelings that you want your visitors to have when they are browsing your web pages.
My article, 8 Reasons for Feng Shui in eShop design, explains more about using colours and other concepts of Feng Shui.

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The colour of Feng Shui

We are lucky that we can see the world in colour. Over time we have come to associate colours with physical things, places and emotion. The ancient Chinese art of #FengShui uses colours to help keep everything in order. For each Chinese year, Feng Shui assigns colours that bring out the best in everybody and everything, if used correctly. This Chinese year the colours are Gold, White and Blue.

To find out how these colours fit in to the Feng Shui influence on the Chinese year read my article  Feng Shui Colors According to the Chinese New Year. Or let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Business with Feng Shui

Your business website must be designed for success in any given circumstance and the best way to do that is to apply the art of Feng Shui. Using the compass directions determines how your web pages are not only laid out but also the colours that you use to increase the conversions and so grow your business.
My article, How the Art of Feng Shui can work for you, goes into some detail about applying the compass colours and elements to your web pages.

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How the Feng Shui Compass works

The Feng Shui compass is what holds everything together and directs how you design your business website. Each compass direction has colours and elements associated with it and putting these together is an art form that can drive your business to success.
My article, How the Art of Feng Shui can work for, explains the compass points in more detail.

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How the Art of Feng Shui Can Work for You

Feng Shui is only for interior design. That statement could not be more wrong as Feng Shui can be applied to many things from room layout, office design and website design. Feng Shui is an art form that when applied properly will take your business website to the next level.
Find out How the Art of Feng Shui can work for you to help you and your business succeed. Or let me know your thoughts in the comments. .

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A little knowledge about Feng Shui –

A little known fact about Feng Shui is its link to the Chinese year and the impact that the characteristics of the animal have on the elements and outcomes of Feng Shui. In this year of the Rat the traits include optimism, energy and sensitivity among many others. If any year of the Rat relate to you, particularly this year, then it could bring you a lot of positive energy through Feng Shui.

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Are you the creative type?

Are you the creative type? If you are not then you need to find inspiration when you are thinking of designing your new hashtag#website. Finding the right colour combinations and pictures can be very tricky if you cannot find what you are looking for. You may be able to find somebody who can be creative for you but you still need to let them know what like and don’t like when it comes to website hashtag#design. This is where Feng Shui comes in to help you. Not only does hashtag#FengShui have laws to follow but also colour combinations and elements to group your ideas.

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Developing an e-Shop with Feng Shui

You may have noticed that I discuss many aspects of hashtag#FengShui and how they can be applied to hashtag#website and hashtag#eShop design. This is because Feng Shui is a tried and tested ancient art that helps you to get everything in balance to achieve your aims. The Feng Shui South direction is just one that influences how well you and your business will succeed. In my How Feng Shui influences your business reputation

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Influencer marketing with Feng Shui

Influencer marketing is something that you may have heard of – people who can influence others online because of their big following. This type of marketing can be expensive and so restricted to big companies. You can influence your hashtag#website visitors and enhance your hashtag#reputation by implementing hashtag#FengShui in your designs. The earth element fire helps your fame and reputation so you should consider images that reflect that such as candles, sun, lights and so on.

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