How Feng Shui Influences Your Business Reputation

How Feng Shui Influences Your Business Reputation

Brand and business reputation are two of the key elements in the development of a company. Without it, a business will definitely not go a long way. Why is that? Well, a renowned brand name and a good reputation are built through trust. Trust here is the key factor in order to bring in customer loyalty and this is what ensures that your business not only makes continuous sales but also so that in the long term, people think of your brand and your brand only when they think of a specific product. 

Now the question arises of how exactly can your business build this trust and gain customer loyalty. There are things you can develop within a business over a period of time but there is also a faster, more convenient and unique way to do so, and that is Feng Shui. 

Surprised? Well don’t be because Feng Shui is not only gaining popularity within people’s homes but also for entrepreneurs and their website development. 

So, what is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art wherein people created a system of laws which governed the arrangement of things with relation to energy and its flow. It is yet immensely popular for people to use the laws when designing their homes, offices or industrial spaces although what you can now learn is that it can be implemented on websites as well. This is tremendously beneficial because it can bring about positive changes to your business and one of the is brand and personal fame. 

Feng Shui has 8 different laws related to the 8 primary and secondary directions of a compass: North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East and South West. The law, or direction which is bound to bring in business reputation and fame is the South of the compass.

These laws aren’t only governed by the directions but these directions themselves have influences which are what contributes to bringing about the positive changes. These influences in Feng Shui south include the colours and the elements which govern the direction. For the South, which brings in positive business reputation, the colours include red, deep orange, purple and intense yellow. 

For brand fame to come into your business, one of the things you can do is play around with these colors when developing your organization’s website. This would entail focusing the south side of your website’s web pages with these colors. Shades of red, shades of purple, a deep orange or an intense yellow. Usually in the bottom center of a web page, or the Southern direction has text or navigational buttons to other web pages, and it’s unlikely to see images in the bottom center, but if so, these are the elements of the web page which can include any of the mentioned colors. Apart from that, there is even the general background of that web page or that certain part as well. 

Additionally, the other influence that may be focused on is the element which governs the South direction, is the element of Fire. The best way to incorporate elements into web design is through symbols. In this situation, using symbols that represent fire such as candles, the sun, lighting, etc. 

When you take all the direction into consideration plus the influences, the color and the element, and put it all together for the best results in terms of building your business reputation and bring in brand fame. 

Feng Shui south is just one direction to lead your business towards the utmost success. There are seven other directions and laws for your business to incorporate and take your company to great heights. 


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