Design Creative Websites

Design Creative Websites

Have you ever heard the saying creativity is key? Whether you have or haven’t, it’s important to recognize the significance of the statement. It’s significant because nowadays creativity is what meets the eye and for business owners, meeting the eyes of the customer is what’s important. 

Think about it, if you’re browsing the internet, a website that has a good use of colors, images, texts, etc. would be far more appealing than a website which looks completely dull. This would result in a low amount of conversions because the more creativity that visitors see on your website, there are far more chances that they’ll be intrigued and continue to browse. 

Creative website design is one of the major elements that contribute to gaining a pool of new customers. Especially in this era where people are highly dependent on what they find on the internet about brands and products whom they wish to know more about. 

Creativity in web design can be achieved through Feng Shui. To be more specific, the Feng Shui compass is what’ll help your business’s website go a long way in terms of creativity and becoming appealing to the youth. 

The Feng Shui compass is like your usual compass, having all the primary and secondary directions. There’s North, South, East and West which we all know and apart from that the secondary directions include North East, North West, South East and South West. Together these make a compass. Now, what makes a Feng Shui compass? A Feng Shui compass of course utilizes the mentioned directions but what makes it Feng Shui is by incorporating the ancient Chinese beliefs within it to make 8 laws. 

These 8 laws are related to the directions plus the colors and elements which govern them. Each direction has a set of colors and one element which lead to positive effects if implemented into your company’s website according to what the ancient Chinese used to believe. For a better understanding, let’s analyse how Feng Shui west can bring in positive effects to a business.

So, as mentioned each direction has a set of colors. For Feng Shui west, the colors are grey, silver, white and metallics. This means that when you are in the process of designing your website, these colors should definitely be used within the Western area of every web page. The Western direction would of course be the left side, usually, this area could have texts, a series of images, designs, a background, etc. 

As an example, a web page on the website could have a background of the color white and the text on that web page or at least the left side of the web page being silver. This is just one example, the color aspect of Feng Shui west can mix and match with the other colors and methods as well. 

Also, creative website design and youth appeal can be achieved through implementation of the Western element which is Metal. You may be thinking that including an element such as metal onto a website seems tough but to be honest, it’s not. Elements can be a part of your website and your business as a whole through many different ways. For example, symbols that represent metal. Symbols can be represented by metallic objects like clocks, ornaments, metallic shapes, etc. These are just a few examples, there are so many other things that are possible to represent the metal element. 

The main objective of Feng Shui west is to bring in creativity and youth to your business. Creativity, as mentioned before is what will increase the chances of visitors of your site becoming conversions. Apart from that, youth appeal can also be achieved which is also important for the growth of a business. 


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