Why Colors Matter on a Feng Shui Website


Colours have always played an integral part in everybody’s life. They exist everywhere whether it be outdoors, virtually, or even in your own home.

Feng Shui is an ancient system of laws first created and communicated to the world by Chinese people. Colours are one of the major foundations of what Feng Shui is based upon, the existence of Feng Shui itself is dependent on how colours are used and why they’re used.

Feng shui isn’t only applicable on the physical aspects of life, it can also be used for the intangibles that are a part of ourlives. More importantly, businesses that highly depend on websites can make use of feng shui to increase their chances ofluck and success.

Understanding how to incorporate Feng Shui into website design can be done through the Feng Shui colour compass or chart. 

As we all know, there are eight different directions on a compass, with each direction on the compass, there is an element thatgoverns it. The five elements as we know are fire, earth, metal, wood and water.