Feng Shui influences Web Design & Development

In ancient Chinese history, the art and science of feng shui plays an important role in many people’s lives. It has become such a vast belief all around the world. It no longer has enclosed itself within Chinese people, it’s something that people anywhere are implementing into their lifestyles.

For those of you who have businesses, you’re in for a treat because feng shui can also help you out through web design.

Here are ways that feng shui influences web design:



In feng shui, the first thing to know is that it deals with the flow of energy. This is described as the flow of “Chi”. Typography on your website is extremely necessary because if your font, whether size or type, is inconsistent or not easy for the eye to read, then it causes the flow of energy, or Chi to stop.



Content on your website has to do with the flow of it. It is important to ensure that your content flows in a natural and compelling way which entices the reader to continue and stay curious. Feng shui website design ensures that your content remains relevant to the reader.



We believe that visuals are always pleasing to the eye, although, overusing images on your webpage disturbs the flow of Chi. If you’re going to use images in your web design, it is important to ensure that you take one or two images that are most relevant.



One of the most interesting pieces of information you can receive from feng shui is that certain shapes represent different elements, they’re as follows:

Square = Earth

Triangle = Fire

Circle = Metal

Waves = Water

Rectangle = Wood

If these shapes are used in your website design, you would be implementing elements that create a proper flow. Warning! It isn’t good to overuse all the shapes at once.



As mentioned earlier, feng shui revolves around 5 elements: earth, fire, metal, water and wood.

Each of these elements has colors linked with them that would create flow of Chi on your website. Following are the various colors related to each element:

Earth – yellow, beige, etc.

Fire – red, orange, purple, etc.

Metal – grey, white

Water – blue, black

Wood – green, brown


The placement of every single aspect of your webpage is crucial. From logo to sidebars, it all matters equally. Usually, you would see a company’s logo at the top of a webpage, it is also okay to place it at the bottom as long as it presents a good flow of Chi.
On the other hand, search bars and menus are advised in feng shui to be easily visible to the visitor.

It is important to give as much as you can in the sidebar, but too much of it can again diminish the flow of energy.


White Space

Feng shui ensures that there is a balance. This includes the balance between your white space and usage of the rest of the colors. Even though white, as mentioned before, represents the element of metal, too much of white space does not give a good flow of Chi.



Stillness on each of your webpages of aspects such as your logo or the home button is important. This is because in feng shui it is believed that stillness ensures focus and focus of a visitor on your website makes sure that their mind does not deviate elsewhere.