A company’s web design is immensely important when it comes to creating a brand image, retaining customers and increasing conversion rates. A website as a whole needs to represent your company and more importantly, it should allow visitors to not only find what they’re looking for, but easily attract them and ensure they do find it. 

A website is a medium of communication for a business. Written content, visual content, colors, etc., all these elements communicate several things. If a business’ web design is based around the system of feng shui, then there are a lot of benefits that you can attain from it. 

For web design, using a feng shui compass would be one of the best ways to start off your company’s link with this ancient Chinese belief. 

So, what is the feng shui compass? For starters, it includes the primary directions which are North, South, East and West. Also, the secondary directions which are North-East, North-West, South-East, and South-West. And so, in total it has the directions of a compass that we all know, the difference here is that each direction of the 8 is connected to certain elements as well as certain colors, which are meant to bring different benefits to your business.

Now with this concept cleared, we can now further understand what each direction is linked to, and how the positioning of different elements and colors of your websites webpages can bring you favorable results. 


On the webpages of your website, the elements and content in the north, according to feng shui, are bound to bring you success in career. This means success for your business. This direction is represented by water, so anything related would be suitable for your site. Also, colors such as black and blue in this direction will ensure success.


The direction of south on each of your webpage will bring in fame and recognition for your business and brand. These benefits will come about if you successfully represent its governing element that is fire. The south side of your webpage focused on the color red would go with the feng shui belief. 


If you’re looking to improve your business’ relationship with its customers, then the East is your focus. Feng shui web design enforces the east of your webpages to focus on the element of wood and the use of colors such as green and brown. 


Bringing in creativity into your business as a whole will surely take it a long way. The elements and colors on the west of your website should be represented by metal and colors such as white, silver and gold. Creativity helps in the long term for any and all businesses.


In feng shui, the north-east governs luck in education. What could this do for your business? Well, if you look at the bigger picture, then education could also be portrayed as knowledge. A business is based around knowledge, that’s why we do market research. The north-west of your webpages should revolve around the element of earth and by the color beige. 


Employees make a business. A company’s web design according to feng shui should use colors such as white, silver and gold yet again to bring in helpful people into the business, these being your employees. Without productive employees, a business may fail.


Wealth, it is very important for each and every business. The south-east direction must use the color green with any element and content that exists in that area. Wood also governs this direction.


This direction is bound to bring in love if used systematically according to feng shui. Love could be from your customers, because what is a business if they don’t love your products or services? This direction is governed by the element of earth and the colors used should be beige and yellow.