Five Best Feng Shui Tips for Websites

The good Chi Energy flow

Click-through buttons and clear links to relevant pages contribute vitality and positive energy to a website.

  • The intention should be clear
  • What is the web site all about?
  • What is the primary purpose?
  • The website should have a set of “widgets” – best on the right-hand side on every page.

That gives the visitors an easy opportunity to find what they are looking for.

  • The five Elements should be integrated through color, shape and visuals

Each visitor responds to their own special element. The website should be provided  with a bit of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water on every page to spark interest and involvement.

  • Imparting a sense of openness

Most visitor feeling a bit nervous or anxious on a website that is crowded and busy. 

A whitespace correctly set on the website reduces stress while communication a sense of relaxed energy to the website.

  • Creating an “ease of use” for visitors

Intuition is the key to a successful website. Is there a clear path for visitor to follow, that helps them find what they need – like a clear path for Chi energy in the home or office, will give the website an easy, natural feeling of flow.