Hand Coding eCommerce Websites Costs Money

As the digital world and the need for ecommerce expands, nowadays every large and small business has a website. Websites are immensely important for the era we live in because it is the medium for businesses and their customers, as well as potential customers to communicate effectively. Individuals visit a company’s website and expect to get the most amount of knowledge they can about the products and/or services they would receive from them. 

A lot of businesses have also turned to creating a web shop in order to boost the ecommerce sales of their products and doing this is a very complex task. It takes a lot of skill and experience to carry out the development since there are various functions to it. A content management system (CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal and Woo-Commerce provide the various functions required to make the perfect web shop. Some of the functions include the following:


The design of a web shop is one of the most crucial parts of web development. This is because design is the very first thing which meets the eye of visitors. Colors, fonts, images, text placements, etc. are all aspects of a website which individuals see first. Colors that are dull would definitely not catch visitors’ eyes. A CMS has ready-made designs, and all you would have to do is select the design which suits and resonates what your company and brand convey.


Performance analysis for a web shop is as an important element as its creation and design. The performance analysis provides information on how your web shop is performing and what is performing well, and what could be better. As a business owner, it’s necessary to understand how much affect a website has on the overall business and every little bit and improvement can make positive changes. Web development CMS will provide analysis which could lead to required changes. 


Coding is definitely something that takes a team of experienced and skilled people, it is not something that you could do yourself if you haven’t learnt it. Especially for websites, coding is very complex and difficult. eCommerce websites require a lot of coding since they have so many elements and functions involved. Each one needs a set of coding which only skilled individuals would be able to do. Although, content management systems do not require you to carry out these tedious tasks, they do it for you!


A website architecture involves the functions of a website which are in line with the requirements of the business, such as processes and services within the website. This also includes the design aspect which was discussed earlier, but it also goes deeper and includes the operations of the site too. 

The layout and what each part of the layout does creates the architecture. For example, the function that a button would be doing. It could redirect you to another page, open up a pop up, etc. From the overall layout to even the minute details are what creates the architecture. This is also a function which CMS covers and takes care of, for you. 

All these functions as mentioned earlier are available on a CMS such as Joomla, Drupal and Woo-Commerce. The best part about using these is that at any point in time when your ecommerce web shop needs a change, these systems allow quick modifications. Websites generally do need changes from time to time due to additional information, new products, change in images and/or texts, etc. 

Opting for a content management system is not only faster and easier, but also becomes cost saving. It costs quite a lot of money to do hand coding since you would be needing a team of skilled individuals who would charge far more whereas a CMS would put things into your own hands and be cost effective.