8 Reasons to use Feng Shui in eShop design

The most important thing is the Understand of Feng Shui.

When it comes to Feng Shui is that it completely revolves around the flow of energy. It is basically a Chinese ancient art as well as science that came about over 3000 years ago, the word itself combines two of the most important elements, ‘wind’ and ‘water’. These two elements with the word ‘Feng Shui’ are then used to describe good health or good fortune. 

Feng Shui can be applied anywhere, it can be used to create positive energy, and receive certain things in life. It mostly does this by dealing with the placement and colors of things, and how they should be harmonized. 

This can very well be used in eshop design. You can combine web design, ecommerce, and feng shui in order to make an e-shop that has the ability to attract customers and improve your business’s representation. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Feng Shui in your Eshop Design:

1.    To activate and excite your customers

As mentioned before, Feng Shui uses colors in order to affect the flow of energy. So, it is suggested that if your eshop design will include the color red, then the effects of that would be to activate and excite your customers. By seeing it, they may feel more excited to browse through and even make a purchase. 

2.    Enhancing your Wealth 

Making good use of the layout of your website when you’re carrying out your eshop design can also lead to wealth. In Feng Shui, it is suggested that the way every element of your website is placed and how it appears, has an effect on the wealth it can bring you.

3.    Keeping your Vision in Mind

Feng Shui in eshop design suggests you add a symbol that best represents your business on all the webpages of the website. You should definitely consider making that meaningful symbol a part of your logo itself so that it becomes a part of your business.

4.    Gets you more Clients

For this benefit, this suggestion is internal to your business. Whether you keep client information in filing cabinets or the desktop of your computer, make the color of the folders red. This gives energy to the clients to become repeated customers. 

5.    Makes your Eshop more Attractive 

As it’s very well known, the more attractive something is, the more people come back to see more of it. In the same way, using the layouts, placements, color combinations, etc. suggested in the art of Feng Shui, ensures that your webpages will look completely pleasing to the eye of your customers. 

6.    Represents Dependability, Security and Trustworthiness

For businesses that are a part of ecommerce and eshop web design, it is crucial to represent that your website is secure and can be trusted. Eshops biggest concern nowadays is fraud. Customers may not feel comfortable giving away their details to you, but in Feng Shui, adding the color blue to your site, promotes security and trust. 

7.    Better Reputation

Using certain symbols on your eshop webpages can represent a better reputation when customers visit your website. That is important because a good reputation is what will ensure that an individual makes a purchase. Symbols such as fire, sun, stars, and even symbols of accomplishment (e.g. awards) are preferred. 

8.    Create a Better User-Experience

Feng Shui as mentioned before, deals with energy. This energy is known as “Chi Energy”. If your Eshop has implemented feng shui, then it gives your site a natural flow. Customers frequently visit websites only when the experience is easy, with elements of Feng Shui, you can make sure that it definitely happens.