Why Colors Matter on a Feng Shui Website

Colors have always played an integral part in everybody’s life. They exist everywhere whether it be outdoors, virtually, or evenin your own home.

Feng Shui is an ancient system of laws first created and communicated to the world by Chinese people. Colors are one of themajor foundations of what feng shui is based upon, the existence of feng shui itself is dependent on how colors are used andwhy they’re used.

Feng shui isn’t only applicable on the physical aspects of life, it can also be used for the intangibles that are a part of ourlives. More importantly, businesses that highly depend on websites can make use of feng shui to increase their chances ofluck and success.

Understanding how to incorporate feng shui into website design can be done through the feng shui color compass or chart. Aswe all know, there are eight different directions on a compass, with each direction on the compass, there is an element thatgoverns it. The five elements as we know are fire, earth, metal, wood and water.

These elements then have certain colors that represent them, these colors further bring in different kinds of positive energy toyour website and ultimately you and your business.

Here is an outline of the feng shui color compass:

·      North

Element – Water Colors – Blue & Black

·      North‐East

Element – Earth

Colors – Brown, Yellow & Pink

·      East

Element – Wood Colors – Green

  • South‐East Element – Wood Colors – Green
  • South Element – Fire Colors – Red

·      South‐West

Element – Earth

Colors – Brown, Yellow & Pink

·      West

Element – Metal

Colors – White, Gold & Silver

·      North‐West

Element – Metal

Colors – White, Gold & Silver

The best feng shui website design can be created by a business if the color compass is taken into consideration during the processof building and developing a website.

Let’s understand step by step how each direction and its corresponding element and colors can benefit your business.


The north includes the element of water and is represented by the colors blue and black. Any content or designs on the northside of the website should use these two colors, they are bound to bring in luck for your business. This also includes in terms offinances.


The north‐east is the element of earth and is represented by colors like yellow, brown and pink. This direction of your website should focus on these colors in order to bring luck in education. Education here in terms of businesses means allowingexecutives to have clear thoughts and help with decision making.


The east is the element of wood. The east side of your website should make use of the color green because this is bound to bring in health to you and your business. You can consider that this would ensure the long‐term growth of your business.


This direction is also governed by the element of wood. Hence, in this area the best color to use would be green. Although, the benefit here is different, this would bring in wealth to your business.


Fire, this is the element governed by the south direction. Represented by the color of red, implementing this onto your website isbound to bring in name and fame. Ensuring your business is well known to the public in a positive way is integral for furthergrowth.


Another earth element governing this direction is represented by the colors of brown, yellow and pink yet again. This willensure that your company is creating relationship with the right kind of clients, clients that will only drive your businesstowards growth.


Governed by the metal element, using colors like white, gold and silver are helpful to enhance the creativity that your businessneeds or wants to achieve.


The last direction is governed by the element of metal too. The same colors as mentioned before will bring in helpful peopleinto your business. They may be in the form of customers or employees.