Content Management Systems

Once you have created a website, you will need to be able to make changes to it !

These changes can be made by dropping us a line and we will make them promptly, or you may prefer to make the changes yourself.
If that is the case, we give you the very best content management systems (CMS) to do that.
Our CMS gives you a host of benefits!
You need it to be easy to use and so the CMS that we use has been chosen for that very reason.
On top of that, we provide you with training and continue to support you after that training.
You will want it to be good value and so we usually provide a CMS that does not have licence fees.

You may want it to support and improve your search engine positioning and so it has built in Page Title, Meta Tag and Meta Description editing.
It will allow you to work with all manner of files; images, .pdf files, flash, sound files etc.
We are able to install a content management system on your existing site or build one into your new website.

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